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"My Amanda is a rising 4th grader.  After breakfast during the summer, she completed her four math pages for the day   at the kitchen table.  For the past 11 days she has been practicing with the 3rd grade multiplication & division workbook.  On day 1, she completed 64 multiplication problems in 5:00 minutes.  On day 11, she completed 73 multiplication problems in 3:00 minutes.  Wow!" - Duluth, GA

Included premium benefits:

1.  Free access to the printable and digital worksheets (a $25.00 value)!
2.  Extra practice sheet for those "I don't have anything to do" days during the summer!
3.  500, 50-problem "Daily Quick Rep" school year worksheets for 2nd through 4th graders!
4.  PLUS!!  Five Year continuous access to all of these premium benefits with no renewal fees!

Select your specialty, 200-page workbook: 
1st Grade Workbook
Adition & Subtraction
2nd Grade Workbook
Addition & Subtraction
4th Grade Workbook 
(All math facts)
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3rd Grade Workbook
(Multiplication & Division with Addition & Subtraction)
5th Grade Workbook
(3/4 digit multiplication, long division, decimals, and unlike fractions)
Specialty Math Workbooks

Enrich your child's summer with these 100 problem math worksheets in a conveniently bound workbook.  Let your child learn naturally to begin building confidence immediately!

 Your benefit vs. {Other math websites}
1.  Neatly bound worksheets vs. {Not available}
2.  100 problems on 1 page for ease of use vs. {Not provided or multiple pages}
3.  Flexibility in choosing an appropriate time limit vs. {No time feature}
4.  Paper resource for tracking performance vs. {No record of past performance}
5.  Child initiated activity vs. {Parent initiates access to the internet}

5th Grade Workbook 
(Miscellaneous exercises)
   (100 pages)
How the MathVelocity system works?  

First, is the 1-page, 100 problem feature; it's a big advantage.  Instead of 1-page with 20 problems, 4-pages with 100 problems, or even 1-page with 10 problems mixed with cute pictures, these pages give you the similar feel of a traditional time test experience at school.  So your child utilizes similar worksheets as experienced in school.

Second, is repetition; it's a unique feature.  Like other worksheets, these numbers are random.  Unlike others though, your child will see the same equation within a worksheet to re-enforce learning.  This is the Velocity factor.  Speed is improved with each learning because equations are repeated.  Think of it as compound vs. simple interest.

Third, is the carefully crafted design; it's the confidence-building secret.  Each daily set of 1st grade addition worksheets are constructed to emphasize the lower level numbers at first (0 to 5) and then build to the higher ones. In 2nd grade, the introduction of subtraction also focuses on lower level problems (0 to 10).  As the child moves up in grades, the range and complexity expands so to match the child's readiness. 

Lastly, the results are proven!  View the performance of the 2nd Grader on the home page.  This child's completion time improved by 40%!  In other words, a math time-test taking 5:00 minutes to complete is reduced to only 3:00 minutes!  What a feeling of success!
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