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Add & Subtract for 1st Graders
For All the Clouds in Your School
(Summary of Benefits)

1.  1-page, 100 problem worksheets - Not 1-page, 20 problems, 4-page 100 problem, or 5 problems with cute pictures;  these are just like the ones used in schools

2.  Velocity enhanced feature.  Like other worksheets, these numbers are random.  Unlike others though, your child will  see the same equation within a worksheet to re-enforce learning.  Think of it as compound vs. simple interest.

3.  Stair-stepped math. Each daily set of 1st grade addition worksheets are constructed to emphasize the lower level  numbers at first (0 to 5) and then build to the higher ones.  In 2nd grade, the introduction of subtraction also
focuses on lower level problems (0 to 10).  As the student moves up in grades, the range and complexity expands so to match the student's readiness.

4.  "Ready-Made" Math Thousands of worksheets ready to use.  No software to learn by the parent.  Simply open and print.

5.  Ease of Evaluation Answer sheets for quick and easy checking.

6.  Family Benefit  Purchase is good for the entire family and school.

7.  MS-Excel worksheets with instant answer checking.

8.  Freebie: 500, 50-problem "Daily Quick Rep" school year worksheets for 2nd through 4th graders

9.  Improved speed.  Increase your child's speed by 40% too.  In other words, a time test that once took 5 minutes to complete now only takes 3 minutes.  What a feeling of success!

10.  Confidence!

11.  Free use by the school's parents for the term of the subscription.

12Improved teacher productivity.  When a student spends a little time
during the summer months improving their math skills, they return to school sharper and better equipped so teachers can then spend less time on prior year math and focus more on new skills!

Critical Importance

In a publication from the Educational Resources Informational Center (ERIC) on a research synthesis conducted by Cooper and Sweller, it examined the effects of summer vacation on standardized achievement test scores.  From the study it was found that "Summer learning loss caused children's test scores to be at least one month lower when they returned to school in fall than when the students left in the spring." 

More specifically, the meta-analysis found differences in the effect of summer vacation on different skill areas.  According to the report, "Summer loss was more pronounced for math facts and spelling than for other tested skill areas.  The explanation of this result was based on the observation that both math computation and spelling skills involve the acquisition of factual and procedural knowledge, whereas other skill areas, especially math concepts, problem solving, and reading comprehension, are conceptually based. Findings in cognitive psychology suggest that without practice, facts and procedural skills are most susceptible to forgetting."

In another research summary by the Center for Summer Learning, a 1996 study by H. Cooper found that on average, "a student will lose 2.6 months of grade equivalency in mathematical computational skills over the summer month." 

Add & Subtract for 3rd Graders
Add & Subtract for 4th Graders
Multiply & Divide for 3rd Graders
Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide for 3rd Graders
Multiply & Divide for 4th Graders
Multiply, Long Division, & Fractions for 5th Graders
Add, Subtract, Multiply, & Divide for 4th Graders

Add & Subtract for 2nd Graders
Take control of your student's math abilities just as this parent did and see their performance soar!
Stay "Math-Fresh" over the summer break.
Be prepared in the Fall!
Success Story

"My Amanda is a rising 4th grader.  After breakfast during the summer, she completed her four math pages for the day at the kitchen table.  For the past 11 days she has been practicing with the 3rd grade multiplication & division workbook.  On day 1, she completed 64 multiplication problems in 5:00 minutes.  On day 11, she completed 73 multiplication problems in 3:00 minutes.  Wow!" - Duluth, GA"

Evaluation Tool

  If it takes your student more than four minutes to complete a time
  test... Order today.

  If your student scores less than 90% in accuracy... Order today.

  If you want the best for your student: two-and-a-half minutes and
100% accuracy... Order now!

Final Step

1.  Select the "Send Me A Message" button and ask for the "30 day
     trial" ucloud product.
2.  Provide yours, the principal's, the school's name, its postal
    address, phone, email address, and the number of 1st - 4th
    grade students.
3.  Then a unique web page (with password) will be setup for your
     parents to utilize the math worksheets the next 30 days...
     it's really that simple!

     Provides all of your school parents with 1 year access

printable and digital math worksheets for the school or organization

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Add & Subtract for 1st Graders
Add & Subtract for 2nd Graders
Add & Subtract for 3rd Graders
Multiply & Divide for 3rd Graders
Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide for 3rd Graders
Add, Subtract, Multiply, & Divide for 4th Graders