A brief message of encouragement... 

Greetings guest,

If there is one word to explain SummerSchoolMath it would be the word flourish.  I want you or more specifically your child to flourish in math.  Regardless if they eventually use it for physics, engineering, accounting, or something else in their chosen field, my desire is that your child enjoys the basics of math.  So much so that it encourages them in understanding the other subject fields and builds good habits for life (the discipline of excellence, endurance, generosity, etc).  I desire for your child <and you> to flourish!

So let me ask... do you feel or think that you are flourishing right now in life?  If not, let me ask a favor... would you allow me the privilege of offering a prayer request to God for you?  A simple petition asking for His mercy and kindness in your life.  A raindrop of blessing... grace... His unmerited love. 

Now don't misunderstand me, I can't make Him do something that is against His will for one's life but as a follower of Jesus (God's son), a member of Perimeter Presbyterian Church, and I do believe He answers prayer. 

I say this not because I want something from you or want you to do something, but rather because I want to give you something... or better yet, simply ask HIM if he would give you a blessing of grace.  God is gracious and compassionate; slow to anger, and abounding in love.  Therefore, would you give me the privilege of praying for you?  If you would like such, simply add your request in the message box below.  There's no email address to add so you will never receive any correspondence from me.  It's completely confidential and private. 

Thanks for a moment of your time and enjoy the brief clip on Laura's "Blessings" song.

Much love,
Todd Smitherman