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Privacy Policy (2018)

SummerSchoolMath takes your privacy very seriously.  The limited information gathered is soley for the purpose of fulfilling your order and ensuring that your experience is smooth and productive.  Unless required by U. S. law, the limited personal information you do provide is not shared with any third parties. 

When an order is submitted with SummerSchoolMath, the following information is collected and not shared with anyone.

1.  Name
2.  School Name
3.  School Address
4.  E-mail address

Please note that your email address is needed for maintaining good communication to ensure that your expectation is satisfied and that you receive excellent service.  It will not be transferred, given, sold, or any other measure, distributed to a third party.  

SummerSchoolMath will never request any other personal information in order to complete or continue your subscription.  More importantly, no information regarding students will ever be requested in order to complete or continue your subscription.

SummerSchoolMath is in the business of developing math confidence in elementary children.

Parents are free to make use of the sample issues available on the SummerSchoolMath website as long as the use is restricted to individual child instruction.  Any commercial, for-profit use is prohibited.  Schools and educational groups can also make use of the sample issues for trial purposes.  This includes photocopying for the trial period.  All of the samples are provided as trials for a parent considering a math worksheet/workbook package or organizations considering the group-discount worksheet package.