1.  How long has SummerSchoolMath been available? 

- Since 2002, this summer designed math resource has been providing students practice

2.  Do you offer any inexpensive worksheets?

- Yes, the individual math package is free! 

3.  What grades to you cover?

- The focus is from 1st to 5th grade though there is kindergarten and developmental
worksheets provided for no charge.

4. Do you offer a group package?

- Yes, the Math for Groups package provides practice worksheets for an entire school.

5.  Are the worksheets accredited?

- No.  The worksheets are specifically designed to provide a convenient means for
elementary children to stay fluent in basic math during the summer; similar as summer

6.  What is the best value?

- Five year access to the original worksheet package provides access to all of the
worksheets for duration of your child and siblings.

7.  Why do you only offer computational operations? 

- There are other web sites that provide math word problems, math tutorial, and more
comprehensive math resources.  The problem is that they require more time from the
parent and frustration to the child that is already struggling with math.  By providing the
most basic operations, a child will stay prepared during summer (eliminate math loss,
improve their math speed and skill with very limited parent involvement; which means
parents get a summer too!

8.  How should my child use them?

- Though the workbook is more convenient, you can simply print the worksheets from your
computer.  Then every morning, your child can take 3 - 4 of the sheets, along with a
kitchen timer, and easily build their math skill at the kitchen table. 

9.  What is summer math-loss?

- This is the affect seen on children during the summer break to describe the loss of math
learned the previous school term and not carried into the Fall.  SummerSchoolMath was
the first site to highlight this risk to parents.

10.  Do you offer free math worksheets?

- Yes!!