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1.  Daily study habit - Learning isn't something you do once a week but rather a minute by minute, moment by moment process.   Educators are quick to note that children should spend each day reviewing class notes in preparation of future exams instead of last minute cramming.  The SummerSchoolMath summer and school year worksheets are best suited for daily practice because it's from the principle of repetition that children are equipped with a better understanding of computational math.

2.  Perseverance - It may seem strange to hear this word associated with academic learning.  These days the word seems synonymous with athletics instead.   What a tremendous character trait to build in your child but a willingness to persevere... endure... even when it's not something fun.  Math is difficult.  It's why SummerSchoolMath exists. 

3.  Productivity - Summer is a wonderful time for rest, vacation, and play.  Yet some of that time is spent out of boredom in front of a television.  What a better use of a child's time than reinforcing the math concepts learned the previous school year.  In this manner, the new school year isn't spent frantically practicing old concepts but rather gradually building for new adventures.

4.  Confidence - Utilizing these daily tools will build their confidence.  It's proven!  Let me encourage you to try the summer worksheets.  At the end of summer, compare your child's work from beginning to end.  Just remember to step back though... their smile will knock you over!

5.  "Ask" - A verse from the Bible says, "For it is the Lord that gives wisdom and from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding".  The gracious and compassionate Healer and Lover of the greatest gift you posses (your soul) longs to shepherd you and your child's heart.  Not just in math but in every facet of life.  Ask him to build these aptitudes in your child's life along with an understanding of basic math.  As it has been said for the past two thousand years, "And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord (Jesus) will be saved".  Saving from eternal punishment for disobedience to God's commands; Saving from an unrestrained appetite of this world; Saving from a lack of understanding of math.  Just by asking...
SummerSchoolMath is a math computation resource created to provide parents and teachers with 1-page, 100 problem addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division worksheets.  By utilizing the time-tested principle of repetition, elementary children are able to build basic math skills, establish a daily study habit, and develop confidence with other academic and non-academic activities.  All accomplished either as a school year supplement or summer "math-loss" preventer.
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The Story:

Because math is for all seasons.  It's not just the motto but it's also a fact.  Whether it's a season of the year or a season of life, math surrounds us in our daily activities.  

So what began back in 2002 actually started in 2001 when the oldest daughter finished first grade.  Sure it was summer and yes, we wanted to have a wondeful time of rest and family time.  Summer is just plain fun!  Yet during this season, it seemed good to have her spend a few minutes each day studying.  Of course, reading would get its deserving attention but what about math?  Wouldn't it be just as beneficial to spend time practicing math facts in a less stressful season? Of course it would!  So the seeds were planted for the beginning of what has become a resource of help for students; even around the globe.  Incredible!

But this is not SummerSchoolMath. It's more than just providing parents with computational worksheets (a.k.a. time tests).  It's about character.  Helping you equip your child with the basic American traits passed down from generation to generation; truth, hard-work, faith, commitment, confidence...

As for the daughters, the days of chasing butterflies have passed and the math is more complex but it is good.

Duluth, GA
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