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Option #1 - uParent 
1 page, 100 problem printable math worksheets
- One, two, and three digit format
- Ready to use
- Plus, MS-Excel based worksheets
- with real-time answers

Option #2 - uBook
- 1 page, 100 problem math worksheets
- Convenient bound workbook
- Specific to skill level
- Includes uParent (Print & Digital worksheets), and
 the Daily Quick Reps

Option #3 - uCloud 
- Includes uParent (Print & Digital worksheets)
- Low enterprise rate pricing

Since 2002, this summer math worksheet resource has been eliminating summer "math-loss" and keeping your students "math-fresh"; prepared for the new school year!

As seen from these students!

Start a uMath product today and energize your new school year experience! 

Preparedness: "It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech" - Mark Twain   

              (about the same to stay math fresh during the summer too...)
(MS-Excel is a trademark of The Microsoft Corp)
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